Temporary Protection

Temporary protection is a right granted to persons who have left their country for security reasons and have entered Turkey and are unable to return under the Provisional Protection Directorship with The Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. People, stateless and refugees who come to our country from neighboring Syria can benefit from this right due to the war that started in their country in 2011. Persons wishing to be included in temporary protection should apply to the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration after obtaining a pre-registration certificate from the registration stations and after the expiration of this document and obtain a Temporary Protection Identity Certificate.

Persons wishing to obtain a pre-registration certificate must have the following documents ready. Otherwise, this process cannot take place.

● Original and translation of identity certificate (identity certificate, passport, driver’s license, family record, diploma, military certificate, etc.)
● Petition for a declaration
● Document showing the residence address (lease agreement, electricity-water bill, etc.)
● Birth certificate for newborn babies and mother and father’s “Temporary Protection Identity Certificate” or “Pre-Registration Certificate”

Syrian nationals who have obtained the pre-registration document can use this document to benefit from emergency health services for 30 days of validity. The identification number contained in this document, which begins with 99, applies in the same way to the Temporary Protection Identity Certificate which will be obtained later. Temporary Protection Identity Certificate is the name of the free document providing the syrian national foreigners accommodation in the province where they are registered and access to various rights and services, and including credentials, number and the province where they are obliged to reside within the scope of temporary protection.

The holders of this document are limited to what is written on the document, but are entitled to health, work, housing, education, social welfares and services, interpretation and legal advice. Persons wishing to make temporary protection records should apply to the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration in the province concerned. In addition to the services mentioned above with the identification number starting with 99 assigned to persons with Temporary Protection Identity Certificate, official transactions such as notary services, subscription services and bank transactions can also be carried out. Syrian national foreigners with ID numbers starting with 98 before can access new ID numbers starting with 99 by visiting the http://www.goc.gov.tr address and entering their old ID number.

Change of residence province contained in the Temporary Protection ID Certificate is not possible except marriage, close relatives being in another province, having a health problem that cannot be cured in the province, wanting to study or work in another province. Persons providing one or more of these conditions will need the following documents during the application for provincial change.

● Temporary Protection Identity Certificate
● Temporary Protection Identity Certificate and residence address information for your relative in the province you wish to reside in
● Family book or passport information
● Travel permit to go to the province you want to reside in
● Lease agreement made before the notary, Certificate of settlement or electricity/water/natural gas bill registered in your name
● A copy of the title deed if you are a residential property

Syrian national foreigners who want to travel to visit or stay in another province permanently, to make a definite return to his/her country or to travel to a different country shall obtain travel permit from the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration or the district governor’s office in the province where they reside. If the province to go to is outside the country, the application is only possible from the Provincial Immigration Administration Directorate. It is compulsory to notify the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration within 3 days of the expiration of this document which is valid for 15 days. If it is not possible to do this for various reasons, it may be requested to extend the document by applying to the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration in the province of travel. Those to receive a travel permit must have Temporary Protection Identity Certificate with them ready. If there is an emergency related to health or education and if it is deemed appropriate by the governorate, only the pre-registration certificate is also valid.

In cases where the purpose of the above-mentioned travel is to settle in Syria, voluntary return is possible. In such cases, an exit permit application should be made for voluntary return to the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration, which is registered 15 days before the return. People with this permission can exit the provinces bordering Syria by road. Persons wishing to return need a Temporary Protection ID, a photocopy of their passport, if any, and travel permits.
If there is no voluntary return and the journey is to take place in a third country, an application should be made to the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration 15 days before the exit is made again. Unlike voluntary return, those entering the third country must have the following documents present. This application is only made once. However, if the permission received cannot be used for force majeure reasons, an extension application may be submitted before the end of the duration of the travel permit.

● Temporary Protection Identity Certificate
● Original passport and visa
● Travel permit for travel purposes within the country
● A photocopy of the residence or ID of relatives in the country of destination

Persons wishing to terminate the Temporary Protection ID to obtain a residence permit must request the cancellation of this document by showing the identity documents to the person responsible at the Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration where they are registered. This means the termination of access to the rights and services provided by the Temporary Protection Identity Certificate while providing the opportunity to benefit from the rights of the residence permit.
Having a residence permit gives the permit holder the following rights:

● Right to stay legally in the country with the residence permit to be obtained
● Right to apply for a work permit
● Provides the right to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey if he/she carries the conditions under law no. 5901.
● Provides entry and exit to the country without the visa process.

Finally, Temporary Protection ends in some special cases. This situation occurs in the case of exiting a third country or benefiting from the protection of a third country by the decision of the Council of Ministers, leaving Turkey voluntarily, applying for a residence permit and losing their lives.

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