Access to Health Care

Syrians residing in Turkey under temporary protection have the right to benefit indiscriminately from medical services provided by public institutions free of charge. Emergency medical services serve everyone living in Turkey.
The costs of primary, secondary and tertiary public health services are provided under equal conditions with Turkish citizens and in accordance with the Communiqué on Healthcare Practices. It is not possible to receive services from private health institutions unless they are referred to public health institutions or there is no emergency.
It is very important to explain your situation correctly to the medical personnel when receiving healthcare. For situations where you think you will have trouble with this, there are Migrant Health Centers with staff who can speak Arabic. Detailed information about these centers can be found here.
Migrant Health Centers in Istanbul can be accessed via this link
Registration with the Migration Management is a prerequisite for receiving health services.

State Hospitals

In order to benefit from the services provided in public hospitals, you must have an ID number starting with 99 in your temporary protection certificate. With this number, you will be able to obtain SSI authorization from the Social Security Institution system.
An appointment must be made in order to go to hospitals. You can do this by calling 182 from your phone or entering the MHRS site. You should call 112 if you need emergency health service. Except in such emergencies, you must receive health services in your city of residence. If you are referred to secondary or tertiary health institutions, university hospitals or private hospitals in your province or any other province, your referral period is 5 working days for outpatient treatment. If this period is passed, a re-shipment must be received. For people with chronic disease and who have a certificate for treatment or control, the validity of the referral is 30 days.
When you go to the hospital on the day of your appointment, you first need to get a barcode number, so you must have your temporary protection certificate with you.

Health Institutions

Syrians under temporary protection can benefit from health centers established in Temporary Housing Centers, institutions providing health services belonging to the Ministry and its affiliates, university health practice and research centers, private hospitals, voluntarily health services provided by foundations or associations.
Primary health care services can be applied to Family Health Centers as well as Migrant Health Centers affiliated with Public Health Directorates.
Some of the health services offered here include:
▪ Examination
▪ Outpatient and vaccination services
▪ Fighting infectious and epidemic diseases
▪ Child, Adolescent, Female and Reproductive Health Services
▪ Drug addiction
▪ Pharmaceuticals
For detailed information about health services, please visit the website of the Provincial Health Directorate of the province you reside in.

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