All children living in Turkey have basic education rights regardless of being Turkish and foreign nationals. This basic training consists of three stages, each of which is 4-years. These stages are primary, secondary and high school. Public schools provide Turkish education, but no fees are paid for the education provided. In order to enroll your child in basic education, you need a temporary protection identity certificate with an ID number starting with 99, two passport photos of your child, and a birth registration extract that you can obtain from the population offices or the headman (mukhtar) directorate. In the absence of a temporary protection certificate, your child can go to school as a guest student, and after obtaining the certificate, his/her place in the school where he/she is studying as a guest student becomes official. If you miss the enrollment periods and cannot enroll your child in school, you should apply to the Provincial Directorates of National Education. More information on the subject can be found here.

There is free training centers offered by the state in Turkey. These are called Public Education Centers. Although there are no restrictions on age, nationality, etc. in order to attend the courses here, to be a secondary school graduate is sufficient.
It is free to register for the training given in Public Education Centers. To register, you must have a temporary protection ID with the identification number starting with 99. In these centers, you can learn Turkish as well as other foreign languages, and you can receive training within an extensively different subjects such as accountancy, handicrafts and computers. Trainings can be of hobby and daily skills as well as professional nature. Students who successfully complete Public Education Center courses are given a certificate of attendance. You can find detailed information about the trainings here.

University and Higher Education

Foreign students living in Turkey can apply to universities in Turkey. For this, they should have sufficient language skills and academic conditions. In order to register to the university, foreign students who are providing this are required to take Foreign Student Exam (YÖS), which is carried out by each university and measures its own criteria. This exam is paid and different prices are applied at different universities. These prices vary between 40-300 TL. Fees can be deposited in cash or by card, into Dollar, Euro or Lira accounts which are available on the websites of the relevant universities. The dates of these exams are at different times and important information about these exams are announced on the websites.

You can check the websites of the following universities for education programs, admission requirements and more information:

In addition, you can visit the website of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) for general information on university education, programs and other universities.

General conditions required to be enrolled in universities in Turkey:

  • Residence permit or temporary protection certificate.
  • Documents showing completion of secondary education (Grade 12 or with the wide use in Turkey ‘Lise’).
  • Students who have completed the 12th grade in Syria or in any educational institution other than the Ministry of National Education are required to have their high school transcripts approved by the Equivalence Unit of the Ministry of National Education.

Document given to students who receive equivalence can be used in applications process to universities and scholarship programs in Turkey. These general requirements also apply to master and doctorate.

You can find detailed information about the scholarships offered to foreign and Syrian students here.

Education Events

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