Halit Hammadi

Halit Hammadi

29 September 2019

Halit Hammadi, a Syrian entrepreneur and mosaic artist who started to live in Mersin after his production facility opened in Idlib 15 years ago became unable to work due to the war, and combines his economic capital with his artistic skills and brings his works to a worldwide audience. The Ibla mosaic, initiated by Hammadi in Mersin, is a good example of how much Syrian refugees can contribute to the national economy with their export performance. Stating that he would like to expand his business by constructing a bigger facility in Antalya, the Syrian businessman is also making an important effort to integrate the two communities through art and business by employing Syrian and Turkish workers. If you want to learn how to make artistic production, you can improve yourself with the courses you get from Public Education Centers, and if you want to turn your art into a source of income, you can participate in business development training programs.

Source: http://ekonomi.haber7.com/basari-hikayeleri/haber/2461763-suriyeli-girisimciden-buyuk-basari-ihrac-ediyor

Photo source: https://www.haberturk.com/suriyeli-mozaik-sanatcisi-turkiye-de-uretim-tesisi-acti-1694670-ekonomi

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