Although sports awareness has increased in Turkey in recent years, unfortunately it is still not at the desired level. Nevertheless, a considerable number of public sporting events are being held. Although there is no need for an athlete’s license to participate in these events, the raceways require preparation according to their degree of difficulty. Therefore, we encourage our readers who wish to participate to review their health status and participate after making sure that their physical condition is suitable for completing activities. The following activities offer interesting sports experiences in different cities. Participation in them can be free of charge, as well as different fees can be charged depending on the level of demand.


Vodafone Istanbul Marathon

The Istanbul Marathon (formerly the Eurasian Marathon), which was first performed by a group of German tourists in the year 1979 and has achieved a strong momentum especially in the last 20 years, In addition to the 42 km and 15 km runs, it offers the people of Istanbul the opportunity to cross the Bosphorus Bridge by running or walking every year. With the increase in the participation fee as the event approaches, thousands of people travel different distances each year in the event of which participation fee varies between 50-100 TRY. People participating in the Istanbul Marathon are not expected to finish their distance. Therefore, people who want to cross the bridge on foot participate in the event to experience this.

More information about the Istanbul Marathon can be found at


Samsung Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Competition

The competition, which has been held since 1989, starts from Kanlıca on the Anatolian side and ends in Kuruçeşme on the European side. The bosphorus for the day of this event is closed to ship traffic and rescue boats are accompanied for the safety of the swimmers. Contestants who wish to participate should apply by visiting the address of and then going to the specified swimming pool to attend the audition. Swimmers who have passed this stage are entitled to swim on the day of the event. Therefore, participating in this competition requires relatively more preparation.


Ankara Half Marathon

The Ankara half-marathon and 10,000 m run around Lake Eymir, a symbol of Middle East Technical University, host thousands of runners every year. Those who want to register for the event are required to be over 18 and have the necessary health conditions. Sports fans who want to participate must enter the address and fill out the attendance form.


Kütahya Victory Run

The race, which took place in The Dumlupınar district of Kütahya as part of the 30 August Victory Day celebrations, takes place in different age categories. Participants wishing to apply should send an e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the relevant page of the Turkish Athletic Federation. For example, you can find the 2018 running status at this link.


I’m Running Istanbul

The event, which started in 2016 as “Fun Run Series” and changed its name as “I’m Running Istanbul” in 2018, aims to increase participation in more professional road races such as The Istanbul Marathon and to strengthen the sports habit. The 2019 version of the event consists of Üsküdar, Caddebostan, Bakırköy and Bebek stages, although the running schedule and stages vary from year to year. In addition, a special stage for women is being planned in Beyoğlu this year. Detailed information about the run can be found here.


Izmir May 19 Road Run

The run, which is held every year on May 19, Youth and Sports Day in the morning, offers Izmirians the opportunity to experience their city with a different eye. The competition is held on a 10-kilometer track in the city. Detailed information about the run can be found here.


Runatolia International Antalya Marathon

 The sports event, the first of which took place in 2006, includes thousands of athletes from different countries and cities each year. The event targets amateur athletes with a three-day sports festival as well as professional athletes. Runatolia offers its participants a full marathon (42.2 km), half marathon (21.1 km) and 10 km track options. Detailed information about the run can be found here.


Adana Orange Blossom Run

The run, which takes place in April every year, has a distance of 10 km. To participate in the race, you must complete the form on the official website and pay a small entry fee to the specified IBAN number. The event offers a varied experience with very different views on the track.


Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe Liberation Run

The track passes from Şanlıurfa’s historical and natural beauties in the activity consisted of half-marathon, 10,000 m and 5,000 m runs. Gobeklitepe Liberation Run, like the Adana Orange Blossom Run, is held in April at a time when the weather gives more opportunities to exercise outdoors. Detailed information about the event can be found on this link.


Girls On-Field Football Tournaments

The football tournament, which began in 2013, has a strong stance in the male-dominated football world. The tournament, organized in two different categories as the Istanbul Cup between the women employees of the firms and the Youth Cup between middle school and high school students, aims to break gender patterns coded as “You can’t do it”, and to empower girls and women of all ages through football. The terms of participation in the tournament and detailed information can be found on the website.


Kaçkar Ultra Marathon

The track of the run, which took place in Kaçkar National Park in Rize, attracts attention with its unique natural beauties. The event offers runners 45,000, 15,000 and 5,000 m options. It is recommended that participants choose Trabzon Airport because of the shorter distance. In addition, accommodation options are offered considering the distance and attractiveness of the place where the run took place. Detailed information is available on this site.


Fancy Women’s Cycling Tour

The tour, which sees cycling as “a completely new way for women to become visible in society and interact with the city in particular”, is held every year in September, World Carless Cities Day. The event is being held in more than 70 cities in Turkey, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Visit the event official site to reach the event in your city.


Run Together in Izmir

As of the moment we wrote this article, at the event takes place in February, when sports events are less, runners complete the 3,000-meter track in pairs. Couples can be made up of friends, parents and children, even pets and owners. Categories, registration terms and information can be found on this site.

 Public Sports Events

Public Sports Events

Although sports awareness has increased in Turkey in recent years, unfortunately it is still not at the desired level. Nevertheless, a considerable number of public sporting events are being held. Alt...

 Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

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